About Us


Cumberland Manor proudly boasts our own beautiful, newly-renovated subacute wing, that completely revolutionizes the rehabilitaion experience.

We're proud to offer new private and semi-private rooms, a completely renovated physical therapy room, and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment.

´╗┐Cumberland Manor's Sabacute wing provides a wide range of therapies, designed to treat:

State-of-the-art Equipment

Our therapy room is outfitted with brand-new equipment designed to assist the healing process. Some examples include:

  • Gentle Electrical Stimulation

  • PENS Electrical Stimulation

  • Omnicycle® Elite Motorized Rehabilitation System

  • Shortwave Diathermy

  • Therepeutic ultrasound

These machines use various safe sound waves, magnetic waves, and/or electrical pulses to enable gentle healing in muscles, joints and tissues; achieve normal movement after injury or disease; and allow patients to excersize when they have limited muscle control.


Virtual Rehabilitation

Cumberland Manor is the only facility in Southern New Jersey to offer the OmniVR™ Virtual Rehabilitation system, the first of its kind developed to accomodate the needs of medically complex patients, including aging adults. This easy-to-use technology uses an advanced camera and specialized computer software to track the patient's precise movements and allow them to interact in a virtual world.

The system includes a variety of skilled exercise programs for physical, occupational and speech therapy applications. Research indicates that patients enjoy performing virtual exercises and activities, motivating them to exercise harder and longer. As a result, treatment outcomes can equal or exceed those achieved with traditional therapy alone.